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Teacher and Student Working

Tailored to Students

Our school houses three programs in one building:

All our programs serve nontraditional students who have had either past academic or behavioral problems. We offer unique, individualized learning from a staff who refuses to give up on any student. Our semi-annual job and career fair is a huge hit and continued success story every semester. We have 30-50 vendors and colleges that offer on-the-spot interviews and application assistance.


Alternative Learning Center

Our Alternative Learning Center offers high-school students the opportunity to continue learning during expulsion periods while also giving them the opportunity to make better choices. We are one of two options where students can spend their time as designated by the Discipline Committee. Every student who has been expelled by Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to recover lost academic status and practice making better decisions.


Adult High School

In our Adult High School, students have flexible schedules that are tailored to meet the special needs of working adults.


Transitions Program

Our Transitions Program serves students in grades 11-12, who are over age and under credited, and who are on the state required 22.5 credit diploma.


We encourage all parents and guardians to be actively involved in their student's education. Parents may call the office (615-298-3278) at any time to discuss their student's behavior or academics. All of our parents are also encouraged to sign up for Infinite Campus Parent Portal,  where you can check your child(s) academic progress and attendance at any time.

Zone Cluster

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